These Terms and Conditions set forth the terms and conditions for any treatment package you purchase from Op. Dr. Cem Arslan.

Please read these Terms and Conditions and the following documents:

,By accessing the information and services on the website, you accept the terms and conditions set forth below.

By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to be bound by and abide by these Terms and Conditions. Dr. Cem Arslan has the right to modify or amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Once you have accepted the offer made to you and completed the Medical History Form, if you have no health concerns for the planned surgery, you will be required to pay a deposit and your contract will be based on these terms and conditions.

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Dr. Cem Arslan Obligations and Responsibilities

1.1. Your medical package will be determined by your images and test results. It may therefore change during the physical examination by your healthcare provider.

1.2. Your treatment package includes all preoperative tests. However, you may be charged extra for additional tests that are necessary due to your pre-existing condition, exposure to or susceptibility to a condition.

1.3. Your treatment package includes the number of nights considered for your hospital stay and this number is specified in your Offer and/or Itinerary. If you stay more than the number of nights specified in your treatment package, additional nights may be charged at the current hospital prices.

1.4. Before proceeding with your treatments, we recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions of treatment and the consent forms of the hospital where the procedures will be performed.

1.5 Dr. Cem Arslan will provide you with all necessary information about your medical package prior to your trip;

  • Name of the hospital and contact information
  • Name of the hotel and contact information (if included in your medical package)
  • Patient representative and contact information (if included in your health package)
  • Driver’s name and contact information (if included in your medical package)
  • Date, time and location of transfers (if included in your medical package)
  • Date and time of the treatment
  • The cost of the treatment package
  • Visa and passport requirements

1.6. Dr. Cem Arslan is not responsible for third party services such as hotels. The contracted hotels are responsible for arranging these services.

Patient Responsibilities

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you agree to share any information about your medical condition.
  • You are responsible for providing appropriate information about your medical condition in order to provide you with the correct treatment plan.
  • By accepting these terms and conditions, you allow Dr. Cem Arslan to receive your medical records and keep them when necessary.
  • In order to receive treatment from Dr. Cem Arslan, you must pay a deposit to Dr. Cem Arslan before you travel and pay the full amount prior to your treatment. You will not be able to receive treatment until you have completed your payment.
  • It is your responsibility to add insurance to your medical package. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept the liability of your insurance.

Cancellation and Refund

2.1. In accordance with clause 1.2, you have the option not to continue treatment if your treatment plan changes as a result of your actual physical examination by your doctor/surgeon or as a result of your test results. In this case, you will receive a refund after the costs of tests, examinations and the like have been deducted from your total package.

2.2. If you change your mind and give up the treatment, your deposit is non-refundable. If you have a reason for cancellation that can be considered as force majeure and you can provide proof of this, your deposit will be refunded after tax and bank commission deductions are made up to the last 72 hours.


After your surgery, you will have a certain number of checkups and follow-ups.

Your follow-up instructions will be given to you by your surgeon.

You are responsible for following the follow-up instructions. If you experience symptoms of complications after returning to your country, you will be able to share your pictures, test results, and the medical reports you received in your home country with Dr. Cem Arslan.

If you need revision or corrective treatment and your surgeon confirms and agrees that you need revision surgery, Dr. Cem Arslan can cover the cost of the treatment. In this case, you will only have to pay for the hospital (excluding your doctor), travel, accommodation and expenses.

The clinic/hospital will give you instructions and advices on aftercare. The hospital and surgeon cannot be held responsible if the results occur due to failure to follow these instructions and lack of care. It is not possible for Dr. Cem Arslan to refund any money in these cases.